* QUALITY POLICY To achieve high quality in the operations, we committed to implement quality policy: 1. Always improvements to improve product quality, service and maintain the ISO 9001:2008 system has been certified by DNV 2. Expand the market to the South-Eastern Asia and Asia 3. Development of new services and areas of assessment • HEALTH - SAFETY - ENVIRONMENT POLICY (H.S.E) TTAsia always interested and aware of the importance of occupational health, safety and environmental protection in the field activities TTAsia set up HSE policies to: - Protect health and safety for employees, contractors, stakeholders and community - Protecting the environment safety - Compliance with standards and regulations of national and international • COMMITMENTS TTAsia commitment: - Compliance with legal regulations - Implementing the regulations of national and international as well as the procedures approved to satisfy requirements of customers. - Implementing the right health policy, safety and environmental settings. - Implementing policies with quality regulations • In the field of assessment and inspection: - Make sure employees have sufficient capacity to perform work - Always make reports with the results of honest, practical and full evidence
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