Radiographic Testing (RT-x-ray, Gamma Ray)

 NDT inspection
Radiographic Test (RT)

Radiography is a well-established technique that is widely used to detect internal flaws in welds and castings and to check for mis-construction in assemblies.

It is typically used to verify weld quality during the fabrication of pressure vessels, pipelines, storage tanks and other engineering structures. It can be used on all metals, from light metals such as aluminum to dense metals such as copper
It can also be used on non-metallic materials with the aid of low energy radiation sources.

• Radiographic testing:
Inspection in Steel structures, piping system of boiler vessels, LPG tanks, LPG piping systems, ships in many project in VietNam and abroad
Inspection in casting steel

• Equipment:
- Isotope source: Iridium 192
- X- Ray machine :200,300 kV
- Automatic Xray machine: Xray Crawler