Real-Time Wall Thickness Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring provides a direct and online measurement of metal loss and corrosion rate in industrial process systems

The Real -Time UT Wall Thickness Monitoring System is a series of installed wireless UT wall thickness sensors, which form a monitoring array. The system measures absolute wall thickness with no averaging or extrapolation, this allows early identification of corrosion/ erosion activity, areas of high-risk can be monitored continuously

* Features Continuous monitoring

• Early identification of wall loss at high-risk areas Wireless communication

• Industry standard wireless integration Non-intrusive

• Mounted externally via a banding strap Zone 1

• Intrinsically safe for use in Zone 1 applications Up to 7 years battery life

• Ensures minimal maintenance required

* Benefits Increased safety

• No need for personnel to inspect high-risk areas Reduced costs

• No requirement for offshore manual operations Real-Time Erosion / Corrosion Measurement

• Informs real-time decision making, risk assessment allowing increased reliability and safe operations Remote Monitoring

• Save on manpower and offshore bed space