Conventional Non-destructive testing

Conventional NDT methods have been using for a very long time. These methods are well established and widely applied.

Conventional methods of NDT are used in variety of industry sectors, include: Oil & Gas, Construction and Fabrication, Biochemical,…

We provide Convential NDT methods include:

Magnetic Paticle testingMPI
Dye Penetrant TestingPT
Ultrasonic TestingUT
Radiographic TestingRT
Eddy Current TestingEC
Visual InspectionVI
Positive Material IdentificationPMI
Vacuum Test

Advance Non-destructive testing

Advance NDT methods have been developed based on the basis of Conventional methods with higher efficiency and accuracy

Phased Array Ultrasonic TestingPAUT
Time of Flight Diffraction TestingToFD
Corrosion mapping using Phased Array UTC Scan, B Scan
Eddy Current Testing for TubeECT
Remote Field Electromagnetic TestingRFET
Internal Rotating Inspection SystemIRIS
Tank bottom scanMFL
Long Range Ultrasonic TestingLRUT
Acoustic Emission TestingAE
Computer Radiography TestingCRT

Cathodic Protection

We provide Cathodic Protection services include: Inspection, construction, designation

Pipe to Soil Potential Measurement
Direct Current Gradient Voltage SurveyDCVG
Alternating Current Voltage Gradient SurveyACVG
Close Interval Potential SurveyCIPS
Current Attenuation MeasurementPCM
Soil pH measurementpH
Soil Resitivity Measurement
Other related services



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